Shomit, Scientist and VO2 Regular

This month’s spotlight is on Shomit, who works close by and will add avocado to anything he orders. He always has stories about his kids, avocado or the combination of both. VO2 Vegan Cafe seems to attract incredibly nice and funny people, and Shomit definitely falls under both of those categories! A special thanks to this guy for being a great regular. Read his interview below about his experiences at VO2:


When did you first eat at VO2 & how did you discover us?

Last year after my company moved across the street


What is your favorite menu item & why?

I love the North End- the mix of the pesto and olives is super delicious


What do you love most about VO2 as a whole?

The people who work there are always welcoming and the overall vibe is fantastic. I always leave with a smile.


What are your top 3 Protips for new customers?

Everything tastes better with avocado on a ciabatta; don’t be afraid to ask questions and to make minor modifications to menu items, and don’t forget that they also have super delicious soup!


Are you vegan? What’s your experience been with an all-vegan restaurant?

I am not vegan, but eating lunch at VO2 leaves me feeling energized, not sluggish, afterward at work. I find the food very tasty, filling and the menu has enough variety to keep me coming back.


What would you say if you were to describe this unique cafe to someone who has never been here in a few sentences?

A laid-back cafe filled with everyday people, and attached to a yoga studio in the back. There is always plenty of seating, good music, and welcoming staff. The food and smoothies truly do taste like comfort food you grew up with and you feel great afterwards. The best part of eating vegan is that you don’t have any guilt or worry about the sourcing of any animal products, and it is great for your health and appetite.


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