4 Years and 1 big THANK YOU!

This week VO2 Vegan Cafe celebrated 4 years of being open. It has been an incredible journey with many ups and downs. We are growing and we have YOU, our community, to thank. We are even nominated for the best vegan/vegetarian restaurant in Cambridge (vote here)!

VO2 is an amazing, unique cafe because of you. Thank you for all your support, feedback, and love. The spotlight is on you for making all this possible, so once a month we will be featuring a newsletter written by you, our loyal customers.

Our first guest author is Evan, someone we like to refer to as a “regular.” He has been coming to the cafe everyday for the past 2 years to work on his own business venture, drink coffee, or enjoy a meal. He proudly has the VO2 sticker on his laptop and tells everyone who will listen to him to check out our little cafe. Below is his own take of the cafe, in his own words:


WiFi And Dirty Chai            

Masterpiece written by Guest Author, Evan

Does your refrigerator look like mine right now, with only water, condiments, and your roommate’s old wilted arugula?

Is your coffee just way too high up on some stupid shelf like mine, making it impossible to muster up the energy to drag it down, grind up beans, heat up water, mix those two things together somehow, and then drink it? Often it’s too hot, so you spew it all over the place after your first sip, creating a huge mess? If you do drink it successfully, your arm probably hurts from all that work and by the time that caffeine hits your bloodstream, you’re exhaustion cancels out its effect.

Is your home “high-speed” WiFi provided by a certain multinational conglomerate and, as a consequence, pure trash like mine?

If you answered yes (or actually if you didn’t, I don’t care, my recommendation is still the same) then you’re just like me, you need to get to VO2 as fast as you can. In fact ignore the rest of this post and just go. You can read the rest when you get there.

At this point you might be saying to me, but Guest Author, I don’t do yoga yet and —


VO2 has pretty much solved all my problems this past year and as a result, I’m what they call a regular. You don’t even need to do yoga to eat there; nobody will give you a hard time about that.

  • Their refrigerator is always full. Or it must be, because they always have exactly what I want. I highly recommend a Seitan Slam anytime. Even if it’s only 8AM, that’s a surefire way to get your day off to a great start – efficient protein with BBQ sauce.
  • The cold brew is dope. Order 2 when you walk in the door. I basically don’t need to reach up and take that coffee down, ever. It’s a real shame because I bought some expensive, fancy French press nonsense. I never use it anymore. I just roll on in to VO2, grab my seat, and someone awesome throws me 1 of the 2 cold brews. Sometimes they hit me with a dirty chai or the double dirty chai, and those are a good twist with the same caffeine.
  • The WiFi is legit. Let’s face it. If your job or your secret news article trolling habit requires Internet, and you wanna get out of the house, “certain cafes” just don’t cut it. VO2’s WiFi is on another level – it really is faster than my home WiFi. (I honestly should be footing part of the VO2 Internet bill. I get 50% of my work done there.)

So, what are you waiting for? Get like me!


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