VO2’s Secret Menu

VO2 Vegan Cafe is an incredibly unique place. We are making homemade food from organic ingredients in a small, open kitchen.  Many of our weekend specials come straight from customer requests. In fact, we have a growing list of items that are not listed on our menu, but are super popular.

First we have The Mitch, which is a Tropic Thunder Smoothie (mango, pineapple, banana and strawberry) with a healthy portion of kale added. Then, there is The Keyon, a version of the Green Bliss Smoothie that is made with pineapple juice instead of almond milk. You can also add a banana to the Green Monstah Smoothie to turn it into a Green Monkey, or add coffee ice cubes to the Peppermint Patty to make it Peppy. You can even create your own versions by adding protein powder, banana, spinach, kale, dates, or coffee ice cubes to any of the smoothies!

My favorite drink though is the Dirty Chai: the iced chai tea served with coffee ice cubes. You can make this the Double Dirty Chai if you want to reverse it: cold brew coffee with a shot of iced chai. We don’t have an espresso machine, but trust me, with this drink, you won’t need it.

Every sandwich comes with complementary chips with our homemade salsa verde. Super great. Maybe chips aren’t your thing? You can upgrade to a side salad or side nachos. Delish.

Don’t forget to call ahead or pre-order if you’re in a rush! Feeling lazy? Just download the Favor app and get delivery. Our regulars know all the ordering tricks and the secret menu items. Well, the secret is out: now everyone can order like a pro.


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