Soup Season & Pumpkin Pie Party

The temperature is dropping and everyone is digging through their closet for leg warmers, mittens, and hats again. Is another winter really just around the corner? Yes, it is there, looming over us, but let us not forget, before the cruel, dark depths of winter there is Fall.

The leaves are bright red, yellow and orange making every street corner is picturesque. It’s just the begginning of squash dinners, warm homemade soups, and pumpkin-everything. VO2 Vegan cafe is in full celebration of this awesome autumn season. We even have small gourds at every table in the cafe!

We are now making two soups everyday. These soups are homemade, from scratch. Some of you know our famed chowders: The Celery on Ellery, Corn Utopia, and Rockin’ Broccoli. We also have Red Curry Lentil to warm the soul, a spicy black bean soup called Tortilla, and a Portuguese wedding soup named Vita Bella. There are also a few surprises, such as a vegan French Onion served with bread and melted Daiya mozzerella cheese. Follow us on Facebook or Instagram (@VO2VeganCafe) to see what will be the soups of the day. 

The fall seasonal special is back due to popular demand: The Pumpkin Pie smoothie. This is a smoothie worth having, even on the coldest day. It is a mixture of pumpkin, VO2 secret spices, a full banana and almond milk. Pumpkins are a great source of Vitamin A, which is great for the immune system during this unpredictable, ever-changing weather. The Pumpkin Pie smoothie is made-to-order and is the best way to do Fall right.

See you soon!


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