VO2 Turns 3 Years Old!

O2 Yoga was created in 1998 and is a unique yoga system that is athletic, empowering, energizing & life-changing. The O2 Yoga studio in Cambridge opened it’s doors about 4 years ago and was located in the Orson Welles theatre from the 70’s. It had a unique lay-out that gave Mimi and Steven an opportunity to build a cafe in the front section. 3 years ago, the VO2 Vegan Cafe opened its doors for the first time and became the only all-vegan establishment in Cambridge.

The cafe has grown to be an integral part of the Cambridge space. It is a favorite spot for Yogis, Cambridge locals & travelers alike. Feeling centered, grounded and peaceful involves all facets of the physical and energetic body. While O2 Yoga can help us harness the good energy to create a more harmonious individual, the way we nourish ourselves allows us to expand our capacity for doing so.

The “O2” in O2 Yoga is the molecular formula for Oxygen – the air we breathe. This makes sense: O2 Yoga helps connect movement with breath. Meanwhile, the “V” in VO2 stands for Victory & a symbol of the hand sign for Peace. It is about finding Victory in Peace. VO2 also comes from the term “VO2 Max.” The VO2 Max is the volume (V) of the maximum (max) rate of oxygen (O2) consumption. Without geeking out too much, VO2 Max is basically how much you are capable of breathing.

VO2 Vegan cafe aims to expand our capacity to breathe, move, and find peace through homemade compassionate comfort food by:
1. Empowering everyone who walks in the door with knowledge while making them feel recognized and good about their choices
2. To prepare food that is made with love & Comfort
3. To create a business that is ecologically, socially, and environmentally responsible
4. To create a place where people can feel part of a community based on love, respect, and a common sense of making a difference
5. To change the way people see vegan food

Come help us celebrate our birthday all weekend with our grand re-opening on Saturday and revealing of new decor that pays tribute to our roots in the Orson Welles Cinema!!