Chickpea of the Sea

The sweltering summer sun can leave most people looking for a break from the heat. As you walk around Cambridge looking for a cool breeze and lunch that will fill you up, but won’t put you to sleep, come stop in at VO2. We have outside tables in the shade, iced tea, and a tasty dish called Chuna (choo-na).

Chuna is chickpea-tuna, a light summer salad that is soy-free and gluten free. It is a homemade recipe that includes chickpeas, celery, pickles, onion, seaweed, and a little bit of that VO2 voodoo. It is often served on bed of greens with carrots, tomato, cabbage and our homemade lemon-mustard vinaigrette. Another popular choice is the Chuna salad sandwich, with a choice of whole wheat, rye, or wraps (including gluten free options). There is also the option to get the sandwich pressed with melted Daiya mozzarella.

Personally, after a long day in the kitchen next to the hot grill, I like to sit outside on the patio area with a Chuna salad sandwich on a ciabatta roll and a Moroccan Mint iced tea. I can watch the passersby, admire the flowers in full bloom, and relax in the shade with fresh air. Life can’t get better than these simple pleasures.

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