Open Hearts in an Open Kitchen

Today, people around the world take a moment to express gratitude and love. The VO2 Crew aims to do this as much as possible, everyday.

As we make you delicious meals, we wear our hearts on our sleeves because our kitchen is a completely open floor plan. You can see everything we do and we love it, especially when you ask us questions! Curious about our homemade pesto? Wondering where we source our coffees and teas? What soups did we make from scratch this morning? We do everything with love, and want to share as much of that as possible with you.

As you know we are 100% vegan. There are no animal by-products found in any of our foods, because we love all our animals way too much! It doesn’t matter to us if you are vegan or non-vegan, because what we care about is if you are enjoying yourself and love the food. Come in, and make yourself cozy. There are free refills on hot coffees and complimentary wifi. Confused about how we make something without any animal by-products? Please ask, or even better, sidle on up to the bar stools, watch us cook and try some samples!

Compassion is at the core of what we do. It is through your support that VO2 exists and continues to create great food in this open kitchen full of love. Thank you so much and we hope that your Valentines Day, and every day after, is full of love and gratitude!


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