All Hail Seitan!

Early in the morning, before the cafe opens, we carefully knead a mixture of vital wheat gluten and spices, and then slow cook the loaf for 4 hours. The loaf is sliced, grilled & marinated in sriracha BBQ for the perfect Seitan Slam or Bahn Mimi Sandwich (or salad!).

Seitan (SAY-TAN) is a Japanese word, but can go by several other names: the wheat meat, wheat gluten, gluten meat or gluten. It first showed up in the 6th century in China and is widely eaten in East Asian countries. It is now pretty popular in the West.

Vital wheat gluten, the main ingredient of seitan, is made by removing the starch from wheat flour dough. It is low in fat (no saturated fat!), high in protein, and a good source of fiber. It is also absolutely delish…especially when cooked following VO2’s homemade recipe!


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