Home Grown Recipes that are still Housemade

When O2 Yoga’s Founder, Mimi, started to eat more vegan foods, her husband, Steven, doubted he’d ever be able to eat anything tasty again. Mimi set out on a mission to prove that her family could eat vegan, healthy, and delicious food. In the process she became an amazing chef and created some truly awesome home made recipes. As the family worked to open the Cambridge Yoga studio location, they decided to build a small cafe to offer smoothies, coffees, teas, and a sandwich or two. Three years later that small cafe now has a full menu of compassionate comfort food and has grown more than anyone could have imagined.

Most of our menu items are made right in house using recipes created by Mimi. She experimented with recipes that her whole family could enjoy, and perfected them on the harshest critics. Today you can try her homegrown vegan recipes at VO2. Mimi and her wonderful staff start bright and early every morning to bring you these house-made goodies, made with love of course! We invite you to take a step into our world and try our comforting creations; we can’t wait to see you!

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